Should You Drink An Energy Drink Before A Workout?

Whether you're squeezing in a morning workout or going straight from the office to the gym, you're probably looking for a little jolt of energy before your workout. Some may reach for a pre-workout supplement and others might hit up the nearest gas station for an energy drink. 
If you are the latter, you may question how healthy it is to consume an energy drink before your workout or what effects it may have on you during your workout. We will answer those questions and give you the best option for your pre-workout energy needs. 

Caffeine Before A Workout?

Caffeine can be a great aid to your workouts. For those of you living under a rock and are unaware of what caffeine is, caffeine is a stimulant that provides you with a powerful energy boost and alertness. Studies have shown that caffeine can have a positive impact on your athletic performance by making activity feel less strenuous. Caffeine helps muscles burn fat for energy instead of glycogen, which provides you with more energy than without. Additionally, caffeine improves your ability to produce power 

Can Energy Drinks Dehydrate Me?

Caffeine is a diuretic, which means that it causes the body to lose water, causing dehydration. A combination of a heavily-caffeinated drink and a grueling workout could be dangerous to your heart. The high amount of sugar in energy drinks can also slow your body's ability to absorb water, increasing your chances of dehydration. 


Is There An Energy Drink With Electrolytes?

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