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Legendary Skateboarder Brandon Biebel Is Fueling The American Dream

Brandon was born in Chicago and started skating at the young age of 12 years old after moving to Sacramento, CA. He quickly became professional and was soon skating with guys such as Mike Carroll and Rick Howard, who he once idolized. He now lives in Hollywood, CA and is well known for his ability to do manuals and shredding in his private skatepark.

Brandon lives an active lifestyle and loves working out, shooting hoops, swimming, watching tv, playing pool and hanging with friends. He loves traveling around the world and always jumps at a chance to see someplace new. Brandon has been featured in many skate videos including Lakai's renowned “Fully Flared” video directed by Spike Jonez + Ty Evans and the critically acclaimed Girl Skateboards video "Yeah, Right"

Connor Deneau