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Navy SEAL Foundation SITREP

Welcome to the first monthly Kill Cliff Situation Report (SITREP) about some of the impact the Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF) is having for the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community and its families. As an Official Partner of the NSF, we feel that it’s important to highlight some of the incredible work this organization does each month, and how your support of Kill Cliff in turn helps these warriors and their families!

Active Duty Wounded, Ill, and Injured Support

Last month the NSF supported 48 wounded, ill and injured requests.It is vital to recognize the demands placed on NSW spouses who fill the role of caregiver following their service member’s injury. The healing impact of the caregiver’s support on the recovering service member is tremendous.

The NSF continues its support of an active duty SEAL who is recovering from injuries sustained in an automobile accident in Iraq. Following the immediate support provided to get his wife, child, and mother to his bedside in Germany, the NSF initiated wrap-around care services by offering his wife with a YMCA membership to assist with her health and wellness, as well as additional respite child care hours near the hospital.

Warrior and Family Support

The NSF supported 20 requests for NSW warriors and their families under their Warrior and Family Support Program pillar. One example of their support last month involved an active duty SEAL who has numerous injuries. He is unable to lift or carry his child who has a debilitating disease. The family had reached their TRICARE benefits maximum, and additional assistance was not available to their family. The NSF worked directly with the family and the NSW Judge Advocate to provide needed household equipment which allows the service member to take part in caring for his child.

In another case, the NSF provided travel and lodging support to a SEAL family whose child was born with a congenital disability and was required to remain in the hospital. Bringing in the grandparents for emotional and childcare support for other children in the family made it possible for the parents to focus on their newborn and his long-term care plan.

Surviving Family and Legacy Preservation Support

While attached to Task Unit Bruiser in Ramadi, Iraq in 2006, a sniper’s bullet struck SO2 Ryan Job’s rifle. Pieces of the shattered weapon tore through his face, destroying one eye and severing the optic nerves of the other. Job died years later following complications of facial reconstructive surgery. The NSF supported the presentation of a replica of Job’s shadow box that hangs in the SEAL Team THREE classroom, along with an engraved knife and a wooden American flag with over 130 Tridents tacked to the flag, to his surviving family. The Job family was “blown away” by the gesture, and they could not thank Team THREE and the NSF enough.

Warrior Transition

Last month, the NSF received 14 new Transition Support Requests from NSW warriors, and they continue to develop their SEAL/SWCC Egress Training (SET) program while working with partner organizations to best serve transitioning NSW members.  The NSF’s partner, The Honor Foundation (THF), held two of its largest treks to date in Atlanta (at Kill Cliff HQ) and Dallas where 40 THF Fellows visited companies such as Coca- Cola, Porsche, N.A., Southwest Airlines, Weir Oil and Gas, and SMU’s Startup Incubator.  Congratulations to THF graduates in Virginia Beach (Group 16) and San Diego (Group 17)!