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Navy SEAL Foundation SITREP May 2019

As always, we at Kill Cliff want to bring you some updates as to what’s happening at the Navy SEAL Foundation (NSF).To kick things off we are excited to announce that the Fourth Biennial Palm Beach Evening of Tribute benefiting the NSF and the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum, was held on April 1, 2019 and raised over $1.5 million in support of SEALs and the Naval Special Warfare community!  Here are some other highlights from the past month.

Warrior and Family Support

One of the great things about the NSF is that it conducts a thorough, evidence-informed, data-driven review of its programs each year to ensure that it’s providing the best possible support to the NSW community and its families.They also value and incorporate service members’ feedback when making program decisions. During a recentAll Spouse Call, spouses shared the continuing need for support during the Unit Level Training (ULT) phase of the deployment cycle.

Many felt that ULT can be even more challenging than the actual deployment due to the unpredictable nature of training. As a result, starting on May 1, 2019, the NSF added 9 hours of Respite Child Care per month for active duty NSW families during ULT on top of the 18 hours already provided to families during deployments lasting longer than 90 days. The hope is that the additional Respite Child Care hours will help alleviate stress and create positive outcomes for NSW families during the entire deployment cycle.

Active Duty Wounded, Ill, and Injured Support

This month the NSF supported 61 wounded, ill, and injured requests including several SEALs who were injured during training. One SEAL had to be flown home for surgery and due to the extent of his injuries, he needed caregiver support. The NSF provided flights, hotel accommodations, and a rental car for the service member’s mother so that she could care for her son during his recovery. Another SEAL was severely injured while parachuting and required immediate surgery. The NSF provided tragedy assistance funds to the service member and they continue to work with the SOCOM Care Coalition to address any other needs as they arise.

Warrior Transition

The NSF also held its first 2019 Professional Development and Transition Symposium on the East Coast on March 27th. The symposium was attended by over 100 transitioning warriors, family members, NSW service providers, and transition partners. Their 2019 West Coast event was held on May 30th, in Coronado, California. These symposiums are a resource for all NSW personnel who are within 12-18 months of their transition or retirement. In addition to highlighting a variety of transition organizations, this year’s symposiums featured a panel of psychologists, clinicians, and executive coaches with the goal of normalizing various aspects of the transition process while helping transitioning NSW personnel and spouses view transition with a positive perspective.

“This event had good info for me and my wife. I feel better about the possibility of retiring soon after sitting through everything and talking to some of the reps from the different organizations that presented. Thank you so much.”

-Active Duty NSW Service Member