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#14: JOEY MCINTYRE, New Kids on The Block, Solo Artist, Actor

The versatile, talented, and ultra-creative Joey McIntyre joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST to share some of his most life-changing moments. 

From performing a duet with his sister at the young age of six, Joey McIntyre found comfort and joy on stage and, from that day, he hasn't stopped performing and growing as an artist. The youngest of nine kids, Joe cut his teeth singing and traveling with Neighborhood Children's Theater of Boston and a few years later would get a phone call from Maurice Starr to become the final member of New Kids on the Block. The rise of NKOTB nearly didn't happen without the sequence of some very key moments, from a standing ovation at the famed Apollo Theater, a Tampa Bay radio station deciding to spin the New Kids record, and so many more. Joe shares his unique insight during the beginning, rise, and initial band break-up during the context of grunge and early 90s. He has since gone on to star on Broadway ("Wicked"), release solo albums, write and perform in a one-man show, and play roles in TV series and in major films. He's taken up marathon running, as well, and his chilling account of the Boston Marathon bombing will move you. Joe is a fantastic example of creating a life based on passion and he's still doing what he loves today. NKOTB has now been back together longer than they initially were and Joe recently wrapped his TV comedy series "The Return of the Mac". 

Joe's insatiable hunger to create and grow is contagious and you just may find your inner artist wanting to emerge or re-emerge. As Joe states so eloquently, "nothing is random" and "experience is everything." 


Ben Scandlen
Ben Scandlen