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#15: SCOUT BASSETT, Team USA Track & Field Paralympian, American and World Record Holder

Team USA Paralympic Track and Field athlete, Scout Bassett, shares her truly remarkable journey on THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. 

No one has a story like Scout. Burned in a fire as a baby, she lost her right leg and was abandoned on the street in Nanjing, China. Transferred to a government orphanage, she endured years of emotional hardship, never seeing the light of day, and never knowing there was a world outside those orphanage walls. She had never even looked in a mirror or seen a photo of herself. When she was eight, a loving couple adopted Scout and brought her to Michigan to have a better life. Imagine seeing everything in the world - nature, cars, the sky, people, running water, a family…literally everything - for the first time at eight years old. Scout struggled to grow and learn about herself and the world and eventually found solace in sport. It allowed her to learn the strength, endurance, and grace within her and was her outlet to express so many emotions many of us will never know. In less than two decades of knowing the outside world, Scout earned a full ride scholarship to UCLA, found her running legs with the help of Challenged Athletes Foundation, broke both American (100m, 200m) and World (400 meter) track and field records, competed for Team USA Track & Field in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, and became a sponsored Nike athlete. 

Listen and be mesmerized by Scout's life-changing moments and her other-worldly wisdom. Your perspective will be challenged and your definition of words like inspiration, grit, determination, and endurance just might get an update. You'll also be challenged to answer Scout's bold question: "What are you willing to give and give up for your dream?" 

Ben Scandlen
Ben Scandlen