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#17: SHANNON FARAR-GRIEFER, Ultra Marathoner, 7x Badwater Finisher, MS Warrior

Shannon Farar-Griefer is a true force. She's an incredible mom to three boys and accomplished ultra-marathoner, including six finishes of the Badwater 135 Ultra Marathon and being the first female double-Badwater finisher, running 270 miles from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, summiting, and running back through Death Valley. 

Shannon was a late bloomer in long distance running and started when she made the life-changing decision to go for a run at 35 years old after watching the LA Marathon on TV with her two youngest boys. Any one of her major ultra marathon, "hundo" (100 mile race), or Badwater finishes could be a "brink of midnight" moment, but her world truly changed when she was diagnosed with MS. Despite daily injections, IV treatment, and the total disruption and toll this disease has taken on her life, she has not given up running. She considers putting one foot in front of the other her life force and what makes her strong enough to go to battle against MS. She heroically fights every day and shows us all that the human spirit and faith can reign in the toughest of circumstances. Shannon also challenges us to abandon the idea that we somehow aren't enough to chase our dreams, and that no excuse should stop us from seizing every day in pursuit of those dreams.

Ben Scandlen
Ben Scandlen