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#21: JORDAN RAPP, 6x Ironman Triathlon Champion, ITU World Champion

Jordan Rapp, ITU World Champion and Champion Ironman Triathlete joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. 

A natural athlete, Jordan's diverse athletic journey started as an All-American High School lacrosse goalie, proceeded to rowing for Princeton, and, on hiatus from rowing, finally led to triathlon, where he has been a pro for the last 11 years. Winning several Ironman triathlons and winning the ITU World Championship are some of Jordan's professional highlights, but what's even more incredible is that most of these wins came after an incredible comeback story. On a long training ride, Jordan collided with a car in a hit and run accident, suffered serious injuries, and was left for dead bleeding out in the middle of the road. With the clock ticking and minutes to live, Chief Petty Officer Thomas Sanchez happened to be driving by, stopped and reached inside Jordan's neck to save his life. Jordan's comeback and willingness to work as hard as possible remind us of the best of the human spirit and how amazing things can happen when we look for ways to help each other out. 

Ben Scandlen
Ben Scandlen