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#25: KATE VOEGELE, Singer/Songwriter, Actress

Singer/Songwriter, Actress, and Founder, Kate Voegele, shares her creative journey and process on THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. 

Growing up as a suburban kid in Cleveland, OH, in a creative household, writing and creating art with family was a natural and normal part of daily life. As a teenager, Kate played her original music in countless shows from Ohio to Pennsylvania and, despite label interest, decided to pursue college to ensure she was rounded out and considering all potential future opportunity. What she didn't expect was MySpace "first friend" and co-founder, Tom Anderson, sending a direct message on MySpace to inquire about her interest in signing with him. Taking a class that allowed her to visit LA and explore the industry deeper, Kate found herself inking a great deal and making her first record shortly thereafter. At a crossroads with the options of staying in college and facing the reality of an uncertain, but much more cemented path as an artist, she took the leap of faith, dropped out of school, and went for it. A few months after arriving in LA, she made a last minute decision to audition for a single episode role on well-loved TV show "One Tree Hill" playing a singer-songwriter and she nailed it. That single episode job turned into four seasons of playing a role reflective of her life and sharing her original music with her target demographic on a unique platform. She's gone on to make several more albums, including her most recent "Canyonlands", tour the world, and take back control of her entire catalogue. To say it all came easy, however, would be to ignore the grit, passion, work ethic, wisdom, and business acumen Kate brings to the table every single day. 

If you are questioning whether or not to go for a creative pursuit, or if you just want to live more creatively in your day to day life, this episode is a must listen. Kate's refreshing take on inspiration and her music just might trigger your muse to start knocking! 

Ben Scandlen
Ben Scandlen