#30: CASEY POWELL, Lacrosse Legend, World Lacrosse Foundation, Speed Lacrosse

Lacrosse legend, Casey Powell, shares his journey on and off the lacrosse field on The Brink of Midnight Podcast. 

Casey Powell is one of the most accomplished lacrosse players in history. From winning NCAA (Syracuse University) and world championships (MLL, NLL), All Star and MVP titles, and being the face of the only major lacrosse video game on the market, he has truly done it all in the world of lacrosse. Like a lot of us, Casey was drawn to sport through imagination and backyard games. The first to have and hold a lacrosse stick in his small New York town, he developed an almost instant passion for lacrosse that underscores all that he does in the sport community today. Whether it's innovating through his new Speed Lacrosse, serving others through his World Lacrosse Foundation, or connecting one-on-one with youth players across the country, Casey's authenticity is undeniable and a unique mix of humility and style…the same mix he developed as a kid dodging clotheslines and apple trees, playing in the neighborhood. 

Sports matter. From the lessons earned and community built around shared purpose, and this conversation will move you to think creatively about how to chase your passion while supporting your own community in profound ways.