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#33: BOB BABBITT, Ironman + USA Triathlon Hall of Fame, Co-Founder Challenged Athletes Foundation & Competitor Magazine

Bob Babbitt, Ironman Hall of Fame and USA Triathlon Hall of Fame inductee, and co-founder of Challenged Athletes Foundation and Competitor Magazine joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST.  

Bob Babbitt is the ultimate connector, cheerleader, and seeker - of great ideas, people, and causes. His name is a part of triathlon and endurance racing history in the United States, and while he's helped grow anything run-bike-swim, he's also made it accessible to all levels and abilities. Bob co-founded Competitor Magazine, which just celebrated it's 30th anniversary, with the goal of shining a light on the sports of triathlon, cycling, and running while bringing people together for fun and competitive events. Out of Competitor, he co-founded Challenged Athletes Foundation, which has raised over 80 million dollars in grant money for challenged athletes and helped so many discover sport again or even go on to compete and medal in the Paralympics. His group bought and grew the entire Rock n Roll Marathon Series to become one of the coolest running and music experiences out there. He also created the Muddy Buddy series, a fun and challenging adventure obstacle race to benefit charities. Bob has truly done it all and he's not done yet!  

Bob teaches us to stick with our big ideas, especially when they might seem impossible, and to seek out the experiences that will change our lives. Taking a leap of faith is the most important step to grow, learn, and make an impact in your life and in your community.  

Ben Scandlen