#34: LARRY FITZGERALD, 10x NFL Pro Bowl Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald, 10x NFL Pro Bowl Wide Receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. 

An All-American at University of Pittsburgh, Larry has gone on to have a remarkable 14 year career with the Arizona Cardinals. He's won countless awards on the football field and makes an incredible impact off the field with his team and his First Down Fund foundation. A self-pronounced "student of life" and talented photographer, he's traveled the world, and continues to learn and give all that he's got in every facet of life. 

This is a different kind of episode. Recorded while playing a round of golf, Larry and John explore what it is to be honest, to climb out of depression, and to engage fully with life. Larry shares his journey and most powerful life lessons through the lens of loss and growth. If you have ever lost someone close, Larry's insight on how to move through the darkness is a powerful dose of wisdom. His genuine take on paying it forward once you find the light reminds us all to offer small acts of kindness in our communities and to leave the people we encounter with a smile.