#35: ROB VAKA, Pro Athlete Mentor, Master Connector, Giver & Cancer Survivor

Rob Vaka, mentor to professional athletes, master connector, philanthropist, and cancer survivor joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST. 

Rob Vaka is on a mission to help people live more confidently, fully, and purposefully and it's evident in everything he does. He's raised multiple millions of dollars for hundreds of charities and has helped countless professional athletes, founders, and CEOs not only manage but design their lives around a positive mindset and values-driven intention. Rob developed his competitive nature as a college athlete, but really fine-tuned his personal manifesto after learning he had a grapefruit sized tumor in his chest and being given a 50/50 chance of surviving non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Today, Rob is cancer-free and the insight he chooses to bring to every waking moment, interaction, and challenge will inspire you. As you take in all the gems and resources Rob shares, you may find yourself changing the narrative of your day and rethinking the very vocabulary you use for self-talk and conversations with family, friends, and colleagues. 

As Rob so eloquently shares: "YOU are going to be the creator of your own joy and happiness."