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#36: CHASE RICE, Country Music Star

Country music star, Chase Rice, shares his most life-changing moments, highs and lows, and how he discovered what he was made of on The Brink of Midnight Podcast. 

Chase Rice lit the country music charts on fire with the song "Cruise", which he co-wrote with Florida Georgia Line and has become the biggest country song in history. Chase's story, however, is not that of a typical musician. A Florida farm boy and gifted athlete, Chase grew up with the dream of being an NFL player. Playing ball for University of North Carolina and with prospects looking good, he was sidelined with injury. During the same time, he experienced the sudden and devastating loss of his father, an event that rocked him and changed the course of Chase's life. Traveling down a dark road, it took pulling off the mask and owning his vulnerability to really discover who he was and step into being the man he knew he could be. 

Chase is all about the doing. The reps. The action. Taking chances. Vision and personal faith are the start, but making that first move is essential. Whether on the football field, boldly moving to Nashville to start a music career, or taking back control of his music and releasing new tunes that represent his ethos, Chase leaves no cards on the table. He reminds us that life is a grand adventure if you are open to discovering yourself and who you can be. Life can begin again on any given day.

Ben Scandlen