#39: BRIAN SACCA, Actor, Writer, Producer

Hailing from upstate New York, far from Tinseltown, Brian got his creative start as a kid shooting, editing, and producing videos with his brother during cold winter months. That same style of jumping right into every endeavor, creating new opportunities, and approaching work with a "why not" attitude are still evident in his work even today. Brian is a versatile trifecta of writer, producer, and actor and his work spans across improv, shorts, major features like Martin Scorsesi's "Wolf of Wall Street" and his current hit television series "Wrecked" (TBS). His open mind and genuine sense of gratitude are refreshing and Brian reminds us to create positive momentum in our own lives by first starting with curiosity and fun, learning everything possible, and then sharpening through practice. As he sagely advises: "Do what is necessary to instill the confidence in yourself to help create what you want to create."