#40: LEWIS HOWES, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster, Athlete

Lewis Howes, lifestyle entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and athlete joins THE BRINK OF MIDNIGHT PODCAST.

Lewis is a two sport All American, former pro arena football player, and current USA Men’s National Handball Team athlete. He’s experienced a ton of success and is best known for his NYT Best-selling book and inspiring podcast - both called “The School of Greatness”, and practical resources to help you live a better life day in day out. Lewis' brand-new book “The Mask of Masculinity” is equally ground-breaking. All of his success, however, hasn’t come easily and to say he has gone through some highs and lows would be an extreme understatement. If you have ever been knocked down or felt very lost, this conversation and Lewis’ unique life-changing moments will move you to start creating important shift in your life and climb out of the darkness toward your fullest potential.