#43: TOMMY NEWBERRY, NYT Best-Selling Author, "The 4:8 Principle", America's Success Coach

"America's success coach", Tommy Newberry, is also the NYT and WSJ best selling author of The 4:8 Principle: The Secret to a Joy-Filled Life, Success is Not an Accident, and many other impactful books. He has helped countless people start to take control of their "thought lives" through his online, group, and private coaching programs and continues to be a sought after speaker and media guest. 

In this episode, Tommy shares with us his powerful crossroads moments when he had to radically redefine his life intention and what ultimately led him to becoming one of the most sought after coaches around. This conversation is full of actionable takeaways from how to immediately boost relationships and marriage to breaking down how you can change your life in a matter of 30 minutes. Tommy's hands-on exercises and common sense approach to taking control of your thoughts will leave a lasting impression on how you view the course of your day and how you experience the life you lead.