#44: MIKE PHILLIPS, Legendary Saxophonist, Nike Musician

Legendary saxophonist and Nike musician, Mike Phillips, joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast. He talks about the importance of process in any endeavor in life and how music can be a unifying force in the world. 

Mike Phillips is a guy after our own heart. The creative avenues of music and sport are constantly mixing and mingling in the venn diagram of his life. His unique gifts are recognized by legends and he's the only saxophone player to record and tour with the "Big Three" of American soul music: Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Michael Jackson. Nike also honored Mike's musical genius and signed him as the first non-athlete and musician to the Nike Jordan brand. 

Early in life, Mike discovered the importance of taking chances, self-belief, and hard work. At age nine, the saxophone called him and sucked him into a world that he hasn't left. He developed a sense of joy in diving deep into his soul, but also that he had to take every shot that came his way. Whether it was sport or music, Mike jumped at the chance to fully inhabit his space and go for it. In high school, he'd play in every football game, finish up, grab his sax, and then rock out on the field with the band in his football uniform. That same spirit prompted him to take a risk and, while only a teenager (and underage), jump on stage without permission for an impromptu debut at famed Chaz and Wilson's in New York City. That bold performance set him on the path to become the musician he is today. 

Teenage Mike and the Mike Phillips of today remind us to truly listen to what is calling us for that is the inner genius unique to us all. The great Pablo Picasso once said: "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." Mike echoes that sentiment and says: "I have nothing to prove, but everything to share."