#47: VINNIE TORTORICH, Radio & Podcast Host, Author, "Fitness Confidential"

The truly one-of-a-kind, Vinnie Torturich, host for the popular "Fitness Confidential Podcast", top-selling author, and fitness and nutrition pioneer joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast. 

You couldn't begin to write the life and times of Vinnie Tortorich. He personifies one of our favorite ideas: "carpe diem". From growing up in the swamps of New Orleans and playing Division 1 football at Tulane University, he always knew he would be out in the world, carving out a life that most around him thought he'd never experience. Cut to becoming one of the most sought after trainers and fitness experts in Hollywood, creator of the "No Sugar, No Grains #nsng" movement, and talented and accomplished ultra-endurance athlete. At the top of his game, Vinnie battled and beat leukemia, and has since gone on to cultivate an incredible career helping people live their best selves through health, fitness, and some hilarious entertainment. 

Vinnie has done so much - more than most humans - but he really feels like he's only getting started. From a guy who can literally for days on end and who wants to use his second chance in life to help others, we can all take a cue from Vinnie and seize every single day. There is no perfect time like right this very minute to make your comeback or chase a dream.