#49: SAGE STEELE, ESPN Anchor: On Authenticity, Diversity, and What it Means to Be Human

ESPN Anchor and mom of three, Sage Steele joins The Brink of Midnight Podcast to talk authenticity, diversity, and what it means to be human. 

Growing up around the world in a military family, Sage learned at an early age profound lessons in resilience. Staying tightly connected to family, developing friendships, navigating new environments, and cultivating community were really essential to survival and those same skills have become Sage’s strengths. 

Sage shares incredibly powerful turning points in her life from the first time she was called the “n” word, to being told she wasn’t worth her salary, to turning down her first ESPN offer in order to focus on family. She also shares her views on diversity, acceptance, and what it means to truly embrace each other’s unique makeup and gifts, regardless of race or any other label. 

Sage is truly a sage for our time and inspires us all to tap into our authentic, unique purpose.