KILL CLIFF® IGNITE VARIETY 24 PACKClean Energy Drink • 150mg Clean Caffeine


Flavor: VARIETY PACK Clean Energy Drink • 150mg Clean Caffeine

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No sugar low calories per can B-Vitamins
Electrolytes Naturally flavored

Killer Benefits

No Sugar
Naturally sweetened with Stevia extract instead of sucralose or any of that crazy crap the other brands throw in their drinks. We're all about putting good fuel in your body.
Clean Caffeine
Caffeine sourced from green tea. A better source of caffeine for a smoother energy increase without jitters from traditional energy drinks.
Vitamin B5, B6, b12, and vitamin E ; the b-vitamins play an important role in helping your body function at a high level. Contributes to energy metabolism inside the body and plays a role in cognitive brain function.
Majority of Americans are deficient in potassium. Potassium is well known for its function in muscles contraction and normal blood pressure support. Our product has 240mg of potassium, which is 5% of your daily value and more than any of the leading sports drinks.
Magnesium plays an important role in energy creation inside the body when it bonds with ATP (adenosine triphosphate), along with the other important roles magnesium plays in muscle function, immunity support. Our product has 42mg of magnesium, which is 10% of your daily value and 5x more than any of the leading energy drinks.
Natural Ingredients
Flavors and sweeteners derived from natural ingredients to provide a great tasting, effective product while keeping the health of your body in mind.
Naturally Sweetened
In a society filled with high sugar foods, fake alternative sweeteners that could have lasting impact on the body, KILL CLIFF® chose to use natural, low calorie sweeteners to deliver the amazing taste in each can. It's better for you and for your taste buddies.
Totally American
We were founded by a NAVY SEAL and take pride in producing and sourcing all materials and ingredients from the United States of America.

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