Thursday January 13, 2022

An Israel Adesanya Inspiration: Here’s How to Mix a TeKilla Kiwi Kooler

An Israel Adesanya Inspiration: Here’s How to Mix a TeKilla Kiwi Kooler

Kill Cliff Ignite Tekilla Kiwi Kooler Mixed Drink

Our resident bartender, the singer-songwriter Sam Haas (she sings, she plays, she’s the real deal), has fallen for Kill Cliff Fight Club Fighter Israel Adesanya. Well, OK, not for Izzy himself, but for the Kill Cliff beverage he helped develop and now bears the Last Stylebender’s likeness: TeKilla Kiwi.

For this concoction, Haas plays off the subtle kiwi fruit notes and fortifies it with premium gin; she adds dimension with St. Germain Liqueur which is made from hand-picked elderflowers in France and brings subtle hints of pear, peach, and grapefruit to the mix. The dash of simple sugar is optional if you don’t feel like boiling a cup of water with a cup of sugar until the sugar dissolves.

We’re calling this original drink the TeKilla Kiwi Kooler. Did we mention it also contains 150 mg of clean, energizing caffeine? Drink, responsibly!

Fill a tall shaker with ice.

  • Add 2 ounces of quality gin—Haas likes Hendricks for its infusion of botanicals (rose and cucumber)—to the shaker.
  • Add ¾ of an ounce of St. Germain or another quality elderflower liqueur.
  • Add ½ ounce of lime juice
  • Add a dash of simple syrup.

Strain that beautiful beverage into a tall tumbler with fresh ice and empty an entire can of Kill Cliff TeKilla Kiwi to it. Stir to mix and top it with a dash of soda water.

Look at you, you’re a bartender!

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