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Ultimate Guide to CBD drinks

CBD drinks are making a mark on the health and fitness community with more people jumping in line to stock up before leveling up.


New to CBD? No problem, we’ve got you. Read on to learn about the unique ingredient loaded with benefits.


CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants. You might think of marijuana when you hear CBD, but don't worry, CBD won't get you high, the compound is actually derived from hemp not THC. Studies also show that CBD is safe and not addictive.


Financially, the numbers show the US market is all in and estimated to rise above $20 billion in sales by 2024.


There are loads of benefits of CBD ranging from helping health problems like stressanxiety, muscle tightness, painrecovery and epilepsy while also providing antioxidant benefits. Athletes and celebrities from Rob Gronkowski to Kim Kardashian are also utilizing CBD-infused products to help with nerves, mood, focus, weight management and pain relief. 


CBD comes in many forms:


Tincture drops- Tinctures are oils infused with CBD that you hold under your tongue. They are simple to use and it's easy to control daily amounts.


Vaping- a quick way to get the CBD into the bloodstream. However, smoking can be harsh on the lungs and throat and may not be allowed in certain areas.


Topical application – CBD creams and topicals can target sore muscles. But some say more product is needed for more noticeable effects. Additionally, creams aren’t as long-lasting.


Oral products- an easy method of taking a preset regular serving. No measuring, no potential for spills. The negatives? It may take up to an hour to feel the effects as the intestines and liver enzymes break down most of the CBD, while some won’t even be absorbed.


Drinks- easy to access and the dosage is better controlled in a water base. It’s convenient, discrete, and provides longer-lasting effects.


Now that you've got a handle on some of the ways CBD can be used. Let’s dive deeper into CBD drinks, this is an ultimate drink guide after all and the cannabis-infused beverage market is trending toward $600 million by 2022.


CBD Coffee

Pros: Antioxidants in the coffee help increase brain function. The calming effects of CBD cancel out the negative effects of coffee like increased heartbeat, headaches and nausea.

Cons: Possible sleepiness and drowsiness. Some consumers report the coffee tastes green or like a plant. When adding CBD oil, coffee shops usually charge per milligram ranging from 5-15. Heat tends to weaken CBD.


CBD water

Pros: Hydration, no preparation, very few calories.

Cons: The amount in each serving fluctuates by brand, but most provide around 2–5 mg, a minimal amount of CBD. Don’t mix well with water, usually needs another agent with it to help dissolve.


CBD sports drinks

Pros:  CBD drink powder provides the same energy as popular drinks like Gatorade. Electrolytes replenish energy and fuel workouts. CBD protein powder can be mixed into smoothies as well.

Cons: not all of them are designed for athletes. Chemical binding agents can add unwanted flavors.


CBD wine

Pros: Flavor and aroma of wine remain the same but the alcohol is replaced with CBD. Reduced calorie intake. Great substitute for alcohol and no hangover.

Cons: Dosage needs to be monitored.


CBD alcohol

Pros: Similar taste, relaxes and calms. Great substitute for alcohol. Prevents cell and body damage by preventing excessive alcohol consumption.

Cons: Little research has been done on the effects of CBD alcohol.


CBD kombucha

Pros: Antioxidants, calming, probiotic properties. Improves digestion and immune system. Boosts digestion, energy and the immune system.

Cons: Not enough research has been done on the effects of CBD Kombucha.


CBD energy drinks

Pros: Boosts energy without taking supplements. Promotes energy levels and has anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties making it appealing to the workout community. Helps people regain lost energy from work and have a better workout. Improves focus.

Cons: May have too much caffeine.


Kill Cliff keeps you feeling energized and healthy with a variety of CBD energy drinks. You get 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD, no sugar, B-vitamins, electrolytes and naturally flavored. Take a look at the variety of options here.


Will this get me high? No, KILL CLIFF CBD is compliant with federal regulations 0% THC, so you will not get any sort of high feeling from our drink. 

Does this drink have THC? Our drink has 0% THC. CBD derived from full spectrum hemp may have trace amounts of THC, since the extract is from the entire plant. We test our CBD through a third party to make sure we are in compliance with federal regulations.

How much CBD is in each can? There is 25mg of CBD from broad-spectrum hemp in each can of KILL CLIFF CBD.

Do I need a prescription? Negative! You will not need a prescription or medical card in order to make a purchase. 

Is CBD legal in my state? The answer to this question all boils down to the state you live in. The New York Times reported that the federal 2018 Farm Bill lifted a nationwide ban on producing hemp, from which CBD oil is made, and which formerly was classified as a controlled substance. But the bill left states to follow their own laws, many of which still classifies hemp as illegal. 

Certain states also forbid the usage of CBD oil in food and alcohol while other states allow it. 

Federal law states CBD oils are legal to possess as long as they contain no more than .3 percent of THC, but some states have still arrested those in possession of CBD products regardless of the THC level.

What is the body's Endocannabinoid System? The ECS is a group of endogenous cannabinoid receptors found throughout your body. The receptors that make up the ECS are found in your central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and immune system. 

Is it safe to take CBD while pregnant? As of now, there is not enough evidence to determine whether CBD usage is safe while pregnant. We recommend talking to a prenatal care physician before experimenting.