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TEAMWORK presented by Kill Cliff

TEAMWORK presented by Kill Cliff is a nationwide fitness fundraiser in support of the Navy SEAL Foundation that runs from June 28th to July 4th, 2018. This event will consist of 24 Hero Workouts that honor fallen members of Naval Special Warfare. These workouts will be completed in gyms across the country within a 24-hour time period (one workout per hour). 


Using a Crowdrise landing page (, gyms register to host the event as a “team” for any 24-hour period during those seven days. Individuals from that gym then register on the same site to participate in the event with their gym/team and complete one to three workouts during those 24 hours in groups of two or three. For your participation, you will be rewarded with a free TEAMWORK Kill Cliff t-shirt that you can wear on the day of the event. 


There is no cost for registration but in return, we ask that you commit to raising money for the Navy SEAL Foundation. When you register, you will be given your own unique Crowdrise link that you can share on all your social media accounts. Whether it's $1, $5, or $100, any amount is appreciated. Kindly ask your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to donate what they would spend on their daily cup of coffee. A little goes a long way. 


All workouts must be performed in groups of two or three. No individual performances. Each athlete should participate in one to three of the workouts. Absolutely under NO circumstances should anyone attempt to complete all 24 workouts. The focus of TEAMWORK is not to draw attention to ourselves or our performance in these workouts, but to honor the sacrifice made by our nation’s warriors, while working as a team. The only leaderboard you should see is the board tracking the progress of the gym's fundraising. 

For hosting gyms, we greatly thank you for your assistance.  We kindly ask that you help provide a safe environment for the execution of these workouts to the greatest extent possible with staff on hand for the duration of the event.  A full list of guidelines for gyms, to include a per hour schedule and details for all 24 workouts can be downloaded Here (Word version) and Here (PowerPoint version). 

Please register today and don't forget to tag @killcliff @navysealfoundation #killcliff #teamwork2018 on your social posts, so we can share!