PODCAST ep. 039 - Chris Henderson - Kill Cliff

PODCAST ep. 039 - Chris Henderson

After a few weeks off, we're back with a strong episode. Our guest this week is Chris Henderson. Chris is the guitarist for 3 Doors Down, a U.S. Navy veteran, and an Army veteran. Chris also battled addictions to heroin, cocaine, and alcohol. His addictions led to weight gain that topped him out at 287 lbs. Chris got sober and found a new addiction in CrossFit, which has helped him lose 130 lbs.

Host Mark Zinno and Chris squeezed a lot into an hour, including his childhood aspirations of the NFL, military service, and music, his decision to join the Navy, a jam session with a high school friend that led him to joining 3 Doors Down, playing music while serving in the Army National Guard and Navy Reserves, hearing their hit song Superman on national radio for the first time, the rise of 3 Doors Down, the details of his drug and alcohol abuse, the weight gain that led to his CrossFit career, and more.