Robbie McDojoLife McCall - Martial Arts Expert - Kill Cliff

Robbie McDojoLife McCall - Martial Arts Expert

On this episode of the Kill Cliff Podcast, the guys from Entreprenerds Comedy sit down with Robbie McCall, the brains behind the social media favorite, McDojoLife. Over his 22 years in martial arts and combat sports, Robbie has earned black belts in multiple martial arts and has competed as an amateur boxer and kickboxer. Robbie owns his own karate school but is most well known for running the highly successful Instagram and YouTube accounts, McDojoLife, where he exposes fraudsters and fakes in the world of martial arts.

Robbie and the Nerds take a light-hearted look at the concept of McDojolife and how Robbie has used his extensive knowledge in combat sports to expose the scam artists plaguing the industry. During the podcast, we break down some of McDojolife’s greatest hits videos, diving deep into how these fraudsters brainwash and swindle their followers.