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3 Movement Practices I do Everyday!

Here are 3 movements I do everyday with some basic information on why and why you should too!
  • Strengthens connective tissue in your shoulders. This can help build the strength in the areas of your shoulders that tend to get injured and/or irritated.
  • Helps thoracic extension and shoulder flexion - basically it opens up your upper back and shoulders.
  • Hanging will help decompress your spine, especially your lower back.
  • Helps maintain or build hip function and range of motion (hip mobility).
  • Increases or maintains adequate ankle mobility.
  • Increases or maintains foundation leg strength by having to get in and out of the squat position.
Touch the Ground
  • Forces the maintenance of a basic movement (being able to pick things up off the ground).
  • Increases or maintains functional flexibility.
  • Promotes “earthing,” which has been shown to help relieve stress. (More on this in a later blog post)
Try different variation of each of these. No specific sets, reps, or time. Just do it by feel. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. Reach up and grab a door frame when standing in the hall. Wake up and head outside to touch the ground and see if it helps you wake up. Take a break from standing and sitting in a chair and lower into a squat for a couple of minutes and notice if you feel any different.
We have designed an atmosphere based on comfort (Chairs, tables, shoes, etc.). Though these things can be great and have a place in our lives, our bodies need to be in consistent states of; slight discomfort, puzzling positions and movements, larger movement of the joints, etc.
“We have even industrialized exercise: more people get pleasure from watching professional athletes compete in televised sports than by participating in sports themselves.” - Daniel E. Lieberman, The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease
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