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5 Simple Exercises To Keep Your Heart Healthy And Happy

When you want to stay in good physical shape, you often need to find a workout system you can do. However, one of the most important parts of the body to keep in good condition is our heart. If you are trying to do more workouts, then you should look to improve heart health first and foremost. Why? Because your heart is essential to the rest of your body: it’s our core organ.

Not sure where to start? Here are five simple yet hugely effective exercises for better heart health.


While it might not be for everyone, skipping is one of the most effective ways to improve your quality of life and your heart health all at once. Skipping is one that is going to be quite heavy on the heart, with as much as 180 beats per minute when you get into a good regime. You will also find that the body benefits from increased blood flow. This sends a highly cleansing experience through the body, improving the quality and competency of any nutrients that you take in.

For a simple skipping experience, you can really start to feel the benefits in a short space of time. You could quickly burn through a considerable amount of calories, with the intensity of a skipping experience one that will really require you to put the effort in. The fast calorie burning and the agility bonuses to your feet, though, make this very much worth it.


While most will know about the positive effects of swimming, few of us practice anywhere near enough. Swimming is a tremendous way to improve not just the heart, but the whole body. The fact that swimming is great for burning off calories is one thing – the fact it helps to rejuvenate the body is another. You will also often find that swimming works your abs, your legs, your thighs, your neck and your arms without much issue.

This offers a much better way for you to get yourself stress-free while enjoying a workout experience. Swimming is not just a good way to stay in shape, but it makes a fine form of relaxation therapy. The end result of doing that is that you will often feel far more physically relaxed, taking the pressure off your heart. Swimming not only makes the heart stronger, but it also keeps it happier!


Squats are a well-recommended form of any kind of workout regime, and with good reason. Squats will help to build up the tone of your thighs, your calves, and your buttock muscles. They also help to get the heart going as you are needing to put so much work and pressure into each piece of muscle. For that reason, they are often some of the best workouts to do when you need to help get the heart pumping. As shown in Gym Equipment’s “55 exercises you should try”, squats can be combined with many other exercises for a full body workout.

The rhythm that you will build up makes it an easy form of exercise to keep doing again and again, too. Keep that in mind, as you will often find that squats produce excellent results over the long-term to your lower half and your heart all at once.


However, one of the best ways to stay in strong physical shape is to keep on stretching as much as you can. Stretching is a very good way to stay in good condition, as it improves flexibility. The more flexible you are, the more that you can get done without putting a massive strain on the heart. Your muscles need to be able to move freely and without great issues. Some gentle and simple stretching in all directions can really help to free you up and allow for much greater freedom of movement.

So, if you are someone who wants to help improve your heart health, a bit of extra stretching can do just that. Stretches are useful, too, as they make all of the other exercises that you do that bit easier. If you are feeling more agile and nimble, you will be more likely to sustain other exercises and workouts – all without the risk of damaging yourself or putting your heart under any pressure that it does not need.


Going for a nice cycle is a fine way to get some stress out of the mind. It is also a fine way to help you improve the way that your heart feels. Workout routines are more or less always a good place to go for those heart issues. If you are worried about traveling too far, though, you can always get a stationary cycle instead and just use that.

You will be able to reduce stress to the major parts of the body, like your knees, without ever feeling like you are taking it easy. With a good cycling system, you can easily burn off more than your fair share of built-up energy. So, keep that in mind as time goes on. You will be much more likely to get into good physical shape – heart included – with nice cycling experience, whether it’s done stationary or actually outdoors.