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7 Easy Meals to Meal Prep This Week

Typically, fans of meal prepping set aside a couple of hours on Sunday to organize, shop, chop, cook and store. Then, they have meals in the refrigerator or freezer to pull out throughout the week – this can be one meal a day or all three, plus snacks. When you cook in bulk like this, you will save time thinking about food, worrying about food, and cooking or ordering food during the work week. You can go to sleep on Sunday night knowing that you are set for the entire week with these east to meal prep sheet pan recipes.

Monday: One Pan Whole30 Sausage and Vegetable Meal Prep

This quick and easy sausage and veggie meal prep is simple enough for weeknight dinners and special enough for guests.  It has all three main categories of the meal; Protein, Carb, and Vegetable.

Whole30 Sausage and Veggie Meal Prep

Tuesday: Sheet Pan Marmalade Sausage Meal Prep

Sheet Pan Marmalade Sausage Meal Prep is an unbelievably easy recipe! Hearty root vegetables are combined with your favorite breakfast sausages and then finished off with a sweet and sticky marmalade. Enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Nutrition for 1 out of 2 servings:

17g Protein || 16g Fat || 54g Carbs

Sheet Pan Marmalade Sausage Meal Prep

Wednesday: Sheet Pan Chipotle Eye Round Roast Meal Prep

100% Grass-Fed eye round roast beef simply cooked to perfection!  This one-pan recipe makes 6 meals and keeps the dishes to a minimum. Paleo. Gluten-Free.

Nutrition for 1 out of 6 servings:

45g Protein, 14g Fat, 14g Carbs

Sheet Pan Chipotle Eye Round Roast Meal Prep Recipe

Thursday: One Pan Fajita Salmon Meal Prep

This Salmon Meal Prep recipe is made on one pan to make clean up a breeze! This recipe turns your favorite fajita dish into one Whole30, Paleo friendly dish made with only 5 ingredients. Gluten Free.  If you try this meal prep recipe, let us know how you liked it i the comments below.  =)  – (Recipe Video included)

Nutrition for 1 out of 4 meals:

7g Carbs, 17g Fat, 32g Protein

healthy meal prep ideas

Friday: One Pan Baked Cod and Veggies Meal Prep

This One-Pan Baked Cod & Veggies recipe comes together in less than 30 minutes. It is full of flavor and completely Whole30 and Paleo approved! It works well for a quick weeknight dinner or an easy Sunday meal prep.

Nutrition for 1 out of 4 servings using 3 tbsp oil:

23g Protein | 19g Carbs | 11g Fat

sheet pan fish and veggies 25 min

Saturday: Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas Meal Prep

Let the oven do all of the work for these Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas. All you need is one pan and about 20 minutes to have a healthy and wholesome meal prep ready for the entire week!  (Click the image for the recipe video)4

One Pan Steak Fajitas with Peppers

Sunday: Sheet Pan Asian Chicken and Asparagus

This easy sheet pan chicken and asparagus recipe only requires 4 ingredients, 5 minutes of prep, and 20 minutes baking time. It creates extra flavorful chicken and enough food to last the week!

Nutrition: 241 calories, 30g Protein | 11g Fat | 9g Carbs

Chicken and Asparagus with Oyster Sauce