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Achieving Fitness Goals Without Getting Bored

I posted my path to a single arm pull up on Instagram (VIDEO HERE)  earlier this week and wanted to talk about my process to achieving goals without getting bored by the repetitiveness!

The way I train and program (which is forever evolving) is to have a set of goal oriented movements stacked on top of variety. This keeps me and my clients focused on developing their goals without going crazy having to do the same thing every single training sessions.

My layout for training starts like this:

Warm Up - Organic Movement (gymnastics warm up, animal crawls, movement flows)

Prehab - Specific Mobility Prep (increase range of motion and strengthen your joints)

Skill Strength - Goal Specific Training (this is where we work on your strength goals; pull up, muscle up, back squat, etc.)

Strength Conditioning - Variety of strength movements (where I get to throw new and fun things at you to play around with to expand your ability to move you and objects around in the world!)

Conditioning - Different variations of conditioning each day and week.

Cool Down - Flexibility and/or Mobility (slow things down and balance the body out before leaving the gym).

The layout may change a bit for those doing my gymnastics, weightlifting or individualized programming but that is still the basic platform. Regardless of the program you are on, there is both a need for consistent exposure to similar movement for progress and having a variety of movements to keep your sanity. Also keep in mind that having varying stimuli is much more likely to apply to real life scenarios. As much as developing a handstand is great, it doesn’t really prepare you to move stones across the yard.

Have goals and don’t deviate from them! Have variety and fun! Yes, you can do both. No, it will not work against your goals.

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