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Annihilate Fat: The Ultimate Treadmill Workout

If you are like me, you get sick of being on the treadmill for any longer than… five seconds.  The key is to try and make your workouts fun, entertaining, challenging, and of course intense.  I’ve created a treadmill workout that is bound to make your fat cells cry.

Enough with the low-intensity steady state cardio on the treadmill.  It’s time to kick things up a notch and see exactly what you’re made of.  This workout is not for the faint of heart, so please make sure you consult with your doctor before engaging in this workout to ensure you are healthy enough to do so.

There will be several stages to this treadmill workout and each stage will be something different and will last one minute.  Complete each stage safely and if at any point you don’t feel confident in the stage, move onto the next stage where you feel comfortable (from a stability standpoint – don’t simply skip it because it’s difficult).



Stage 1:  Start out with a five-minute warm-up to get the blood pumping and into the working muscles.

Stage 2:  Turn the speed up until you have a nice jogging speed, but not too quickly.  Jog for one minute.

Stage 3:  Next turn yourself so you are facing the right side of the treadmill and shuffle (side step) at the same speed.  To do this, you will be pushing off of your right leg and hopping back towards the front of the treadmill.  Your feet will remain around shoulder-width apart the entire movement.  Do this for one minute.

Stage 4:  Turn again and have your back to the console of the treadmill and backpedal for one minute.

Stage 5:  Next turn and face the left side of the treadmill and repeat them side hops like you did in stage 3 (only this time you’re facing the opposite direction).

Stage 6:  Immediately following stage 5, safely face forward again and turn the treadmill down to a walking pace.  Hit the incline button and take it up as high as it goes.  Once there, walk uphill for one full minute.

Stage 7:  Now take the incline all the way back down to zero and walk for one minute.

Stage 8:  Following the recovery walk, increase the speed to a sprint (but not 100% exertion) and go at that pace for one minute.

Stage 9:  Turn the speed back down to a walk and enjoy a short active recovery period for a minute.

Stage 10:  Next turn to the right side again, but instead of the hop like in stage 3, you are going to incorporate a squat.  So, you will complete a squat (quickly) and will hop back up towards the front of the treadmill.  You need to do these quick enough that you don’t fall off the back of the treadmill.  Do these for one minute.

Stage 11:  Turn forward again and walk for one minute to allow your legs to recover slightly from the squats.

Stage 12:  Next move your body so you are facing the left side and repeat the squats like in stage 10, only going in the opposite direction.  Do these for a full minute.

Stage 13:  Turn forward and walk for one minute.

Stage 14:  To close out the treadmill workout, you are going to finish with a one-minute sprint.

Stage 15:  Cool down with a slow walk for five minutes.

1 Warm-up 1 min.
2 Jog 1 min.
3 Right shuffle side step 1 min.
4 Backpedal 1 min.
5 Left shuffle side step 1 min.
6 100% incline walk 1 min.
7 Walk 1 min.
8 Sprint 1 min.
9 Walk 1 min.
10 Right squat 1 min.
11 Walk 1 min.
12 Left squat 1 min.