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Are Kill Cliff CBD Beverages Expensive? Let’s Add It Up

It’s painful to do it yourself, so we’ll do it for you: We’re going to estimate how much you spend each day on the fluids you put into your body and what you get in return. You won’t like this exercise, but wait until you see the conclusion.

The Starbucks breakfast venti pumpkin spice latte sets you back $5.25; the kombucha in the building cafeteria at lunch is a whopping $4.50 (a little sticker shock for you?); the sensible iced tea at dinner rounded to $3; the post-work cocktail hurts the most at $17 for top shelf. (What, you had two?)

It might not be every day you spend this much on your daily beverages, but the point is, your allotment of beverages adds up. In fact, one Starbuck’s drinker noticed that after tracking his trips to the coffee chain he was spending $2,300 a year. He may be typical.

But to what benefit is this money being spent on? Yes, caffeine is crucial and liquid stress-reducers are essential to our lifestyle, but are you getting the most benefit for your body and mind—and the best drink—for a fair price? 

The Value(s) of Kill Cliff

Delicious tasting Kill Cliff CBD is a recovery drink and an energy drink. It contains no sugar and is plump with B-vitamins, electrolytes, and that all-important clean caffeine. It also contains 25mg of CBD—derived from 125mg of full spectrum hemp. 

It also has a "bioavailability" factor of six to 10 times greater than the competition because of the way it's ingested and absorbed. The science of it is here.

Now, what would you pay for a miraculous drink that gives you an easy-lifting, crash-free energy boost, a stress-relieving, long-lasting CBD mood enhancement, and it’s great tasting no matter what flavor?

A Kill Cliff CBD 16-can variety pack, which includes four flavors, can cost as low as $88.20—which comes out to about $5.50 per 12-ounce can.

So, is Kill Cliff CBD expensive? Let’s crunch the numbers of other CBD products to compare.

How Much Does CBD Cost?

Aside from beverages, CBD products on the market generally cost anywhere from $0.02 to $0.20 per milligram of CBD. Popular brands like FAB CBD offer a 1200mg bottle of CBD oil for a whopping $100, while a jar of 30 nighttime 12.5mg gummies is $89.

CBD drinks such as Pure Craft CBD Nano Water + Melatonin cost $79 for a 1-ounce bottle! That’s $79 for 1000mg dose of drowsiness. 

Zolt “mixie sticks” offer 14 sticks that include 20mg CBD for $40. Wyld CBD offers four 12oz sparkling water CBD cans with 25mg of CBD for $20. Harney & Sons feature a case of 12, 20mg 12oz CBD sparkling elixir drinks for $45. A 12-pack of Sprig’s 20mg CBD Melon zero sugar drinks will cost you $60. The list goes on.

How Does Kill Cliff Compare Price-wise?

Premium beverage Kill Cliff offers all of that great tasting, clean, bioavailable CBD at $.23 per MG at full retail price. 

Where Kill Cliff really shines is how much it’s able to pack into each drink. When placed side by side with other CBD drinks based on price, quantity, and diverse benefits, Kill Cliff is your one-stop shop. 

Kill Cliff CBD provides added value with its offerings of caffeine, vitamins, and electrolytes—and no sugar or carbs. The drink is versatile! It can be used as a substitute for cup of coffee in the morning or a mixer to make clean cocktails in the evening. Plus, it’s the best-tasting CBD drink, and it’s the best way to actually get CBD into your system (thanks to a very clever proprietary process).

How to Save Money on Kill Cliff Products

Remember, always research your options when it comes to CBD drinks—we just did a bunch of it for you, but don’t stop now. You’ll want to look at the milligrams of CBD in the beverage as well as the can size and ingredients. 

While other drinks continue to think of ways to add cost, Kill Cliff CBD is here to keep it simple and consistent.

Here’s a big insider tip: Sacrifice your email address and get 10 percent off your order.

Conclusion: Kill Cliff is not only affordable for everyday enjoyment, but by comparison, Kill Cliff’s line of great tasting, clean CBD energy beverages is the best CBD deal available. And you deserve the best, don't you?

Real Science + Killer Taste = Kill Cliff CBD. Enjoy.