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Are You Training Your Shoulder Extension?

Most people train both pulling and pushing overhead and forward, but rarely address it backwards. This overtraining of shoulder flexion and undertraining of shoulder extension can lead to achy, injured shoulders. Here are some stretching and mobility exercises that can help loosen up your biceps and chest while strengthening your shoulders and improving your posture:

  1. Shoulder Extension Stretch - In a seated position on the floor, reach your hands behind you and walk your pinkies towards each other. Once that is achievable, leave your hands in place and start moving your hips forward or inching your hands backwards on the floor.
  2. Table Raises - In a seated position on the floor, place your hands shoulder width apart behind you. Bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. Lift your hips and shoulders as high as possible. I like the 10x10s training approach for these. That is 10 reps and a 10 sec hold on the last rep. Video
  3. Shoulder Extension Pulls - Standing holding a weight (2.5-10lb aka “light”) behind your back, bend at the hip forward while reaching the the weight towards the floor. Reach end range and then pull yourself back up to a standing position and repeat. Video

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