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Bisping vs. Kill Cliff's Izzy Adesanya? Eye See What You Did There

Man, it looks like EVERYONE wants a piece of Izzy.

On the heels of Colby Covington calling out the Kill Cliff fighter and reigning UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, now it’s Michael Bisping’s turn.

The UFC commentator and former UFC middleweight champ was asked by no less than Sports Illustrated if he could take Izzy down—not in 2017, when he last stepped into the Octagon, but, like, TODAY.

Bisping is 43. Izzy is 32. Let’s overlook that because Anderson Silva was 43 when Izzy won by unanimous decision in UFC 234 in 2019. But Bisping hasn’t had a fight since Get Out! was in theaters (remember theaters?). Not only that, he’s only got one working eyeball.

“Of course, I would beat him,” Bisping said. “I’m a fighter. That’s what we’re supposed to say.”

From SI: “There is no potential for that Adesanya bout, as the 43-year-old Bisping is happily retired from the cage and promoting his new film, Bisping: The Michael Bisping Story. He is also legally blind in his left eye after suffering a detached retina in a 2013 knockout loss to Vitor Belfort. In a feat that will likely never be replicated, Bisping (30-9) found a way to win seven of his next nine bouts after the injury.”

Remarkably, Bisping had to fool the judges before every fight that he could see with both eyes, or they would have cancelled him.

“Izzy’s a great champion, he’s doing incredible things, I’m a huge fan of the guy and have nothing but respect for him,” Bisping tells SI. “The last thing I want to do is disrespect him. But when I get asked if I’m going to beat him in a fight? I’m a fighter, so of course.”

You gotta love these fighters.

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