CBD: How Does Kill Cliff’s CBD Get Into Your System? (Hint: Science) - Kill Cliff

CBD: How Does Kill Cliff’s CBD Get Into Your System? (Hint: Science)

By Buzz McCain

Newcomers to the CBD lifestyle often ask, “How does CBD get into my system?” It’s a great question, one that the makers behind Kill Cliff have not only answered, but improved on in ways that others are trying to follow. 

But first, a science dump: Your body naturally creates and utilizes cannabinoids—and they’re damn good for you. They bond to receptors in the central and peripheral nervous systems and have been proven to have countless wellness benefits throughout the body and mind. Enzymes eventually break down these cannabinoids and your body hustles to create new ones.

The hemp derivatives in many CBD consumer products—including Kill Cliff—are non-intoxicating phytocannabinoids, which give your body’s enzymes something else to break down, preserving some of your body’s own natural resources. Studies show the digestive process breaks down so much of the CBD, that you’ll be lucky if you absorb 10 percent of the dose.  So, for example, if you take 50 milligrams of CBD, your body might absorb only 5 milligrams.  Super inefficient. 

And here’s how Kill Cliff has really changed the game. Many CBD products on the market today are tinctures, which technically means a “trace” of something. Those CBD droppers with a tincture of the extract is, as you may have noticed, an oil, and it often tastes like it. The problem is, when you use a dropper to receive a dose of CBD oil, it has to mix with all the other fluids involved in your body’s digestive process, and that includes water.

What do we know about oil and water? Right, they don’t mix. And what do we know about the human body? Right: it’s 70 percent H2O.

Once the CBD oil is introduced into your digestive system, it has to swim through countless naturally occurring chemicals—as well as make it through your largest filter, your liver—before your body can absorb it. Research by scientists at Kill Cliff solved the dilemma: How to get all the wellness benefits from CBD before the body has a chance to reduce its effectiveness?

Here’s the special sauce, the trade secret, and the proprietary innovation that separates Kill Cliff from the rest of the CBD drink market: Kill Cliff’s CBD particles have been reduced in size, but not in volume. Honey, I shrunk the phytocannabinoids!

Here’s what happens now: The newly configurated CBD is packed into a molecule called a “micelle,” which bonds to water on the outside and keeps fats and lipids on the inside. Those potent CBD particles ride inside molecules that feature water-soluble properties, allowing your body to absorb the CBD at a higher and faster rate before your body has a chance to decay its potency.

But none of this matters if the beverage tastes like that greasy tincture. Kill Cliff beverages are formulated to go easy on your drink hole (we like happy drink holes) with bright, all-natural fruit flavors, light carbonation, naturally occurring nutrients, and no sugars or artificial sweeteners whatsoever.

Permit us some “can-splaining” (explaining what’s on the can): Real Science + Killer Taste = Kill Cliff CBD. Enjoy.