CBD for Overall Improved Performance

Our recent poll of KILL CLIFF CBD beverage fans showed that 58.1% of our supporters notice an overall improved recovery after using CBD products. Below we investigate the science behind this phenomenon. What makes CBD such an impactful recovery aid for athletes and fitness enthusiasts?


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As the fitness community becomes more knowledgeable about the benefits of CBD, the popularity of CBD products has grown tremendously. Not only does CBD have the benefit of optimizing peak performance, it also reduces the recovery period after each workout. Well known athletes including Nate Diaz (American MMA fighter) and Steve Kerr (head coach and NBA record holder for highest career three-point percentage) advocate the important potential of CBD products.


But how does CBD do it?


First and foremost, CBD positively impacts the body’s ability to maintain health and wellness by supporting important functions such as sleep, metabolism, mood, immune response, appetite, and more. By encouraging homeostasis and alleviating stressors from the body, you both get the most out of your workouts and recover in a shorter amount of time. For example, by achieving REM sleep more often through healthy circadian rhythms, the body spends more time in the ideal state for muscle building. Better sleep simultaneously supports your body’s recovery from your workout. (For more information about how CBD encourages sleep, check out this article!)


As you may recall from early KILL CLIFF CBD posts, CBD helps support and balance the system of receptors that makes up the body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system). Specifically, CBD helps stimulate ECS receptors to properly maintain balance in the body and achieve full function. One particularly helpful example for athletes: CBD binding to CB2 receptors (found in immune system tissue) enhances the body’s ability to reduce swelling. 


CBD has also been proven to help alleviate pain—studies show that the cannabinoids in CBD suppress pain stemming from inflammation as well as neuropathic pain. Because you can’t develop a dependency on CBD, it is an ideal solution for those seeking long term pain relief options.


Athletes are also appreciative that CBD is non-addictive and non-psychoactive. That means you can experience the powerful benefits of CBD without worrying about being slowed down by a high or any negative effects.



Many of the properties of CBD discussed above also benefits your skin! CBD helps alleviate many skin conditions through anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Studies have proven that CBD can be used to help treat skin conditions including acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Redness and swelling is mitigated through CBD anti-inflammatory properties while CBD’s antioxidant properties reduces signs of aging. Additionally, because CBD minimizes the body’s excess synthesis of lipids, the skin stops producing excess oils.


Not only does CBD products help your body recover and build muscle mass, it also supports healthy skin!



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