In a recent survey, we looked into what makes our customers excited about CBD. More than 60% of respondents hope to reduce anxiety and stress through use of CBD products, so let’s take a closer look at the science. Be sure to also check out our previously featured articles on survey results, CBD to Reduce Pain & Inflammation, and more!



Managing stress is important to help regulate sleep schedules, heart rates, and mental health. Additionally, because stress is also one of the largest barriers to a healthy immune system, managing anxiety also protects your physical health and wellness.


Recent studies illustrate the potentials of CBD: A placebo-controlled study showed that taking CBD helped people who typically experience stress in social situations, while another study illustrated that CBD can help relieve the stress of high anxiety experiences, such as talking in front of large groups of people. In the second study, participant’s ability to remain calm was marked by normal heart rates and blood pressure throughout their public speaking experience.


But how does CBD do it?


In every human body, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a role in regulating mood, appetite, memory, reproduction, and sleep. ECS receptors (tiny proteins attached to your cells) receive chemical signals and help cells correctly respond to these signals. CBD helps support and balance this system of receptors. Specifically, CBD stimulates CB1 and CB2 receptors and in turn helps calm anxiety. By binding to CB1 receptors, CBD positively impact mood.


Not only does CBD influence the receptors of the ECS system, but it also impacts neurotransmitters (molecules that travel between nerve endings in the brain to convey information). For example, CBD increases a naturally occurring neurotransmitter called anandamide that both relieves anxiety and increases pleasure and joy.


In addition, by fostering increased levels of serotonin (a hormone and neurotransmitter that regulates emotions), CBD helps the body better process feelings of anxiety. CBD simultaneously helps prevent low dopamine levels, allowing the mind focus on conquering daily tasks and competitions alike.



While many people use CBD tinctures, using oil products requires that the CBD content make it all the way to the liver before being broken down and before any effects begin. This delays the time before you experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD.


Because KILL CLIFF hemp-derived CBD products are exclusively beverages, we offer increased bioavailability through our line of drinks. In short: using CBD drinks ensures that the breakdown and absorption of CBD begin as soon as the drink enters the digestive system, providing the relief you need quickly.



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