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Check It Out: Who IS the Earliest Born Human to Be Photographed?

Sometimes doom-scrolling bears fruit. To wit: Today we stumbled across a question we had never thought of with an answer that's astonishing.

And who doesn't like to be astonished? It's something to think about while you enjoy a chilling and chilled Kill Cliff CBD beverage.

The question: Who is the person born earliest to have their photograph taken? Not the oldest person to be photographed. Not the first person to be photographed. But the person who was born before everyone else who has ever been photographed.

The answer is amazing.

According to Steve Meltzer at Imaging Resource, which covers all-things photographic, Conrad Heyer is the winner.

Some things about Heyer: 

  • He was born in New England.
  • He served in the REVOLUTIONARY War. You know, the one against Britain.
  • He was in Trenton the day none other than General George Washington and members of his Continental Army made their famous rowboat trip across the icy Delaware River.

So when was he born?


The picture—a daguerreotype, which is an early form of photography (Abraham Lincoln's portrait is a daguerreotype)—was taken in 1852.

He was 103 when he sat for his portrait.

And now you know.