Discovered! How to Make KC’s Tasty AF® Lemon Lime Lightning Even Better - Kill Cliff

Discovered! How to Make KC’s Tasty AF® Lemon Lime Lightning Even Better

From the moment you crack open a can of Kill Cliff’s Energize x Recover Lemon Lime Lightning, you’ll be zapped with 25 volts (OK, milligrams) of clean caffeine from natural sources. The result? 


We’re not talking Emeril Lagasse’s spicy corn cakes and caviar kind of “bam!” This is an energy drink that tastes so good it was made for gods by the gods. 

Tart, acidic with just the right balance of sweetness. It tastes like grandma’s fresh squeezed lemonade, if grandma was a kickass karate black belt. This drink has a zesty recoil that makes your mouth pucker for a half second before salivating for another sip. 

In addition to the mouthwatering taste, Lemon Lime Lightning also has the hydration properties you need after sweating it out, plus B-vitamins to keep you in the game—with no sugar.

Can It Get Better?

If you like the flavor of Mountain Dew, whose ingredients are legendarily dangerous, or 7-Up but don’t like the significant weight gain and Type-2 diabetes that can come with it (38 grams of sugar in 12 ounces!), Kill Cliff’s Energize x Recover clean energy, no sugar Lemon Lime Lightning is your new go to. 

Drink it when you need to boost your energy or for hydration as you recover. Heck, you can even use it as mixer for the best margarita you’ve ever had, or as we like to call it, a Kill-a-Rita.* Much better than a high-sugar pre-mix. And it’s more fun to do it yourself. Here’s how:

KC Lemon Lime Lightning Kill-a-Rita

1 ounces of your favorite silver tequila

1 ounces of Kill Cliff Energize x Recover Lemon Lime Lightning

1 lime wedge

¼ cup Kosher salt

Rub the rim of a tequila glass or tall tumbler with a lime wedge (set aside for later use as garnish).

Twist the wet rim of the glass in a saucer with the Kosher salt so that it covers the rim. (This is entirely optional but also entirely awesome.)

Add a handful of ice cubes or crushed ice to the glass.

Pour in the tequila.

Pour in the Lemon Lime Lightning. 

Give it all a good stir with a spoon and balance a lime wedge on the edge of the glass. Repeat for your friends until the Lemon Lime Lightning can is empty. 

*Drink responsibly. We want you back.