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Explainer: How Do Kill Cliff CBD Beverages Help with Athletic Recovery?

In 1965, a team of scientists invented Gatorade in a University Florida lab and set the tone for how important sports drinks are for athletes as they recover from their workouts.

While Gatorade helped the University of Florida’s football team make it through practices in Florida’s extreme heat, there remained much to be explored in the new wave of performance enhancing beverages.

Today, there are thousands of different sports drinks on the market, each seemingly targeted at aiding different parts of an athlete’s routine. It’s a sometimes-confusing marketplace—you can stand for hours in the beverage aisle trying to make a decision—but at Kill Cliff, we make it easy to make the call.

That’s because what we know is this: Consuming specific nutrients before, during, and especially after exercise can boost performance and recovery. While Gatorade might have been the breakthrough drink of decades past, there’s a new ingredient on the market that could prove to be just as much of a game changer. 

Enter CBD. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound in cannabis said to have anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure properties. It doesn’t make you feel high but it does show promise in helping with stress. 

When your body burns energy it also loses water and sodium through sweat. Replacing these liquids is vital during activity—but what you consume after is equally as important. 

When it comes to enhancing recovery after athletic training, CBD can help in many ways. But as you will see, CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD vape oil, CBD creams, CBD bath bombs, and anything CBD for dogs won’t be as effective as a clean energy beverage like Kill Cliff with 25mg of CBD.

First, some studies have shown that CBD supports sleep and relaxation. Sleep is one of the top factors of athletic recovery, it’s a time when the body repairs itself and recharges. The easier you can get to sleep, the more quickly your body can bounce back. 

Second, CBD helps with inflammation. Some athletes use CBD post-workout or after competition to help manage pain from muscle aches, sore joints, or injuries. Some studies show that CBD interacts with the CB1 receptors in the central nervous system and effectively slows the chemical signals that cause muscle spasms. 

Finally, CBD can lessen stress, calming both body and mind. Recent studies show that CBD can help with stress by altering serotonin signals, the neurotransmitter that plays an important role in your mental health. 

If you’re thinking about trying CBD, there’s no better way than Kill Cliff’s clean CBD beverages that offer a load of different benefits and flavors. Each drink’s can features the latest lab results—we call it “cansplaining”—so you can see exactly what you’re consuming. Jam packed with hydration, 25mg of CBD, no sugar, and plenty of B-vitamins, Kill Cliff delivers everything you need to boost your athletic training. 

Permit us some “cansplaining” (explaining what’s on the can): Real Science + Killer Taste = Kill Cliff CBD. Enjoy.

—Nicole Gaddie