How to Make a Cocktail That Tastes Just Like, Really?, Skittles! - Kill Cliff

How to Make a Cocktail That Tastes Just Like, Really?, Skittles!

We asked former longtime professional bartender Jake Steel (great name!) to crack a can of Kill Cliff CBD flavor the G.O.A.T., “the grapest of all time,” and figure out how to fortify it with an alcoholic component.

Yes, we wanted a cocktail made from a CBD drink. Call us crazy*.

“The G.O.A.T. is a bomb!” was Steel’s first impression. “It tastes great and the CBD adds a bit of chill to the party.”

After considerable experimentation and sampling with a focus group (seriously), Steel decided to throw a Hail Mary and see what happens when you try to sour it up.

“The Smirnoff Sour Berry Lemon Vodka mixes extremely well with the grape notes of the G.O.A.T.,” he reports. “You can make this as a 12-ounce cocktail or, what we did, was turn it into shooters.”

Genius! The vodka adds an ounce-and-a-half of 60-proof alcohol to the 25mg of clean, broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD. 

And the reviews? “Three people said at the same time when we were trying it out, ‘This takes exactly like Skittles!’”

Here’s how to make a…

G.O.A.T.-Skittles Shooter

6 ounces (one-half can) of Kill Cliff the G.O.A.T. grape CBD beverage

1.5 ounce of Smirnoff Sour Berry Lemon Vodka

Pour 6 ounces of grape CBD G.O.A.T. into a shaker filled with ice. Add vodka and give it a vigorous shake or two. 

Strain into shot glasses with a chaser of “real” Skittles. Dinner is served!

*Drink responsibly.