Gable Steveson Kill Cliff Fight Club Athlete

The Book of Gable: Meet the Kill Cliff FIGHT CLUB Fighter

The 21-year-old American freestyle and folkstyle heavyweight wrestler grabbed the spotlight at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics where he claimed the gold, defeating three-time reigning World Champion Geno Petriashvili with .03 seconds on the clock. We’ve collected a few things you might not know about the proud Kill Cliff FIGHT CLUB Fighter. Starting with…

What is Gable Steveson’s Full Name?

Gable isn’t a name you hear every day. So how did the wrestler get such a unique name? Well, in fact, Gable’s full name is Gable Dan Steveson. His mom named him “Gable Dan” after the legendary wrestler Dan Gable, another Olympic gold medalist (1972). Gable’s parents would often take trips to Iowa wrestling meets, where Dan Gable put together the greatest collegiate coaching career in NCAA wrestling history. In other words, Kill Cliff’s Gable was named in utero!

Do People Misspell Gable Steveson’s Last Name?

Do they ever! Spellcheck wants to put an “n” in that last name so bad, but his name isn’t Gable Stevenson.

What Was His Childhood Like?

Steveson was born in Portage, Indiana, and started wrestling as soon as he could walk. He watched his two older brothers wrestle when he was younger and eventually joined in the fun, sometimes crashing into walls (WWE, anyone?). After winning multiple youth-level national tournaments, the family moved to Apple Valley, Minnesota, so Steveson and his brother could compete for wrestling powerhouse Apple Valley High School. 

As a 13-year-old, Steveson reached the 195-pound state finals with a 39-2 record. He was defeated in his last match and claimed second place. After that season, Steveson won four state titles and went on a 171-match win-streak. 

Was Gable a Top Recruit?

You betcha, as they say in Minnesota (and elsewhere). Steveson was the nation’s top recruit but chose to stay local and rep the University of Minnesota as a Gopher.

Gable was a Gopher at Minnesota? You Betcha!

Steveson was named Freshman of the Year on the wrestling team and awarded the Golden Goldy’s Rookie of the Year prize. His record that season was 35-2 and he finished in third place at the 2019 NCAA Championships. He won the Dan Hodge Trophy in 2021—the Heisman trophy for wrestling—marking him the best college wrestler in the country. Steveson said moving to Minnesota was, “best move I’ve ever made in my life.” He even threw out the first pitch at a Twins game in June.

How Strong is Gable Steveson? (Hint: That Specialty Backflip)

Damn strong! The college heavyweight’s backflip celebration went viral after he scored two takedowns in 13 seconds. He then did a cartwheel into a backflip, which he also did at the U.S. Trials. You can count on his backflip at the 2020 Olympics to be a highlight film perennial. 

How Much Does Gable Steveson Weigh?

That backflip is all the more impressive for a guy who’s 275 pounds. He is 6’1.

What Will Gable Do After the Olympics?

After closing out the biggest sixth-month stretch of his wrestling career, the heavyweight is turning his sights to mixed-martial arts, even tweeting teasing tweets to Dana White, post-Olympic victory. Prior to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Steveson signed an NCAA Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) marketing deal with MMA manager Dave Martin. He also signed an NIL with Kill Cliff.

But options abound: Steveson’s stated life goal is to join the WWE stable and follow in the Rock’s rassler-movie star footsteps. A tweet from May, 2020: “I will rule the @WWE soon…”

Here Is Gable’s Best Quote EVER!:

“I’m proud to be associated [with Kill Cliff],” Steveson told Sports Illustrated about his Kill Cliff NIL. “We’re official partners with the Navy SEAL Foundation, and I’m locked in with them. We’re going to have memorabilia can with my gold medal signature on it, and we’re going to have fun with it. You can’t beat the Navy SEALs. They’re the baddest people on the planet, and I’m so proud to be aligned with them to make something great.”

What’s the Tale of the Tattoos?:

Steveson has a variety of tattoos. His newest is an arm sleeve tattoo dedicated to his late brother John, who was 12 years older than him.

Can You Contact Gable? Sure, He’s on Insta…

Feel free to connect: @gablesteveson

…About That Gold Medal

“When I first got it, I didn’t take it off. I even slept with it right by my pillow. It didn’t come off for like three days, until I got home and my mom put it on…It’s a memory for a lifetime, and I’m going to work to make even more great moments after this.”


When was Gable Steveson born? He was born May 31, 2000, which makes him a Gemini and a dragon on the Chinese calendar.

His strategy: “I don’t wrestle another name, I just wrestle another body. Once you start looking at it like that, your mainframe changes and you get into a different mode.”

He is also the reigning Pan American Continental champion, and was a three-time age-group World Champion.