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Get Punched! What Does Five Finger Pom Punch Taste Like?

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”—Mike Tyson

Not many of us want to get punched in the mouth. But what if there was a flavorful way of getting punched in the mouth, one that won't leave a mark?

What if there was a delicious punch in the mouth that not only tasted great but provided 25 mg of clean, all-natural caffeine as well as the B-vitamins and electrolytes that are important to recovery?

And what if that punch in the mouth didn't have sugar?

Meet Kill Cliff’s Energize+Recover Five Finger Pom Punch. It's a hit!

Punch Your Ticket

Five Finger Pom Punch focuses on the task at hand, keeping you energized and hydrated with the perfect blend of sweetness and tart. Refreshing and bold, the smooth honeyed aroma of Pom Punch will leave you salivating. 

The taste inside the fearless ruby black can evokes the elusive succulent fruit you’ll find only part of the year, the pomegranate. And just as exclusive as the fruit, this drink is only for the crowd that knows what they want: naturally sweetened and full of electrolytes, B-vitamins and 25mg of clean caffeine.

Old-School Flavor

One sip of Five Finger Pom Punch invigorates the nostalgia of youthful summertime-days-by-the-pool Kool-Aid mixed with the refreshing flavor of freshly juiced pomegranates. A perfect combo to satisfy your thirst.

Unlike other energy drinks, there’s no bitter aftertaste; instead there is a tangy finish suited to refresh you any time of day. 

Kill Cliff Five Finger Flavors deliver Killer taste. In addition to Pom Punch, check out Tasty Blood Orange, Berry Legit Lemonade, Lemon Lime Lightning, and Gangsta’s Berry-dise. A flavor for any palette, any time, any occasion. 

Real Science + Killer Taste = Kill Cliff Energize+Recover