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Great News: CBD Just Might Be the Key to Improving Your Love Life

Is CBD an aphrodisiac?

It’s a good question, and lots of smart people are investigating. But for thousands of years, hemp and its byproducts have been used to boost libido and contribute to a healthy sex life.

Not only does the libido—your sex drive—increase but a study of 5,000 U.S. citizens who took CBD (cannabidiol) indicated the following results:

  • 31% of the men said they “lasted” longer
  • 33% of the women said they reached orgasm more quickly


It gets better.

  • 72% of the men said their orgasms were “more intense”
  • 76% of the women said they blew their minds harder

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How does it work? CBD is well known to reduce the effects of stress, you are more relaxed, calmer, and your mood is enhanced. Research also shows it stimulates blood circulation and expands blood vessels (what do you think vasodilators like Viagra do?).

Start the Barry White records.

CBD is also known to reduce pain, including endometriosis, which is a type of chronic pain some people have during sex.

How much CBD do you need to enjoy these aphrodisiac effects? The great thing about CBD is you can’t take too much, and even low doses can be effective. And because CBD does not have hemp’s other compound, THC, you won’t feel stoned or sleepy.

Kill Cliff’s line of five flavors of CBD drinks provides 25mg of broad-spectrum hemp in each 12-ounce can, but with NO sugar or artificial sweeteners. Kill Cliff uses natural sweeteners and flavors to create a CBD beverage like no other.

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