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Guess What's the Perfect Thing to Drink on the Intermittent Fasting Diet?

What if you learned you could lose weight just by changing when you eat, not what you eat.

It’s called intermittent fasting.

But wait, isn’t fasting just a different way of saying starving yourself? The Kill Cliff team is here to uncover the answers behind this diet trend to see if it’s the real deal or a whole load of hype.

What is intermittent fasting?

While many diets focus on what to eat, intermittent fasting prioritizes when. Fasting for a certain number of hours each day can help your body burn fat. Neuroscientists have studied intermittent fasting and learned that our bodies have evolved to be able to go without food for long periods of time, even several days.

In prehistoric times, humans were hunters and gatherers who evolved to survive, which sometimes meant going long periods without eating. Plus, it took a lot of time and energy to hunt and gather food.

Dietitians note that even a half century ago it was easier to maintain a healthy weight because of the lack of technology. People didn’t stay up as late eyes glued to their phones, computers, or watching TV, leading to late night snacks. Instead, they stopped eating and went to bed earlier.

How does intermittent fasting work?

There are many different strategies of doing intermittent fasting but the thing they all have in common is deciding what time of day you’ll be eating. Some people only eat during an eight-hour period each day and fast for the remainder. This is called the 16/8, eating for eight hours and fasting for 16.

Another common plan is the 5:2. This fasting plan involves eating regularly five days a week. For the other two days, you limit yourself to one 500-600 calorie meal. Eating regularly doesn’t mean loading up on pizza and cake. That stuff will never be good for you.

If you want to try fasting for longer periods of time, make sure to check with your doctor. Going too long without eating might have the opposite effect on your body and cause it to store more fat in response to starvation.

It can take two to four weeks before your body becomes accustomed to intermittent fasting. However, researchers say if you make it through the adjustment and stick with the plan, you’ll end up feeling better.

Does it work?

After hours without food, the body exhausts its sugar stores and starts burning fat. It’s called metabolic switching.

Fasting also affects the body and brain. Studies show that fasting can improve verbal memory in humans. It can improve blood pressure and resting heart rates and young men who fasted for 16 hours showed fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.

People like intermittent fasting because it doesn’t cause a huge lifestyle shift. You don’t need to count your carbs or replace all the food in your pantry. You can also go out to eat with other people and not worry about making special requests.


Intermittent fasting can lead to muscle loss. Some studies show that the weight lost while fasting isn’t fat, but lean mass, which includes muscle. Researchers think one reason for the muscle loss is because fasting sometimes leads people to consume less protein.

One study conducted over a year showed that there is no benefit to eating in a narrow window.

If you’re not trying to lose weight, intermittent fasting may not be for you. If you have the willpower to stick to sensible portions and avoid late night snacking, you’re already on the right path to a healthy lifestyle.


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