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Here’s How Easy It Is to Find Where to Get Kill Cliff in Person

Much of Kill Cliff’s dedicated clientele discovered our delicious and beneficial lines of functional beverages from ordering a few cans online.

Safe and easy, with a substantial savings on the retail price if you join the Kill Cliff Cult Club (“give us your thirsty soul”). It’s a gateway deal, for sure, one that opens forever that life-changing gate to continued enjoyment of Kill Cliff’s energy, recovery, and CBD drinks.

Thousands of other Kill Cliff fans enjoyed their first Kill Cliff Ignite at an Atlanta Braves game. Oh yes, it’s true: The reigning World Series Champions kicked that other energy drink out of Truist Park and replaced it with Kill Cliff Ignite throughout the stadium.

And this is no one-off: For the next three seasons the beverage hawkers stalking the aisles during games will be carrying boxes of Kill Cliff and barking, “Get cher Kill Cliff right cheer, get cher Kill Cliff, ice cold Kill Cliff.” The Braves get 2.5 million fans a year to watch a game; imagine if each of them just bought one can…

Other Kill Cliff fans obtained their inaugural Kill Cliffs at kiosks at fitness events or vending refrigerators at gyms.

But there’s yet another way to get Kill Cliff, and you’ll never guess how.


Using the handy-dandy Store Locator at the top right of our website, all the thousands of locations where Kill Cliff products are sold at retail pop up on a list and a map when you type in a ZIP code. Add your ZIP code or city name, push "directions" on your mobile device, and follow the turns to your closest Kill Cliff outlet.

We just spent a few minutes testing—it was a rabbit hole that was hard to get out of because it’s very interesting—and sure enough, it works!

Walmarts, CVS Pharmacies, mom ‘n pop Stop n’ Shops, large (such as Publix and Giant Food) and small grocery stores, convenience stores (including 7-Eleven), liquor stores, beer and wine cellars, and other discriminating (in the good sense) retail outlets carry Kill Cliff drinks.

So no excuses! Try the store locator today.