Here’s Your Kill Cliff ‘Bears on Cliff Fight’ of the Week - Kill Cliff

Here’s Your Kill Cliff ‘Bears on Cliff Fight’ of the Week

Man, put these grizzlies in the Kill Cliff Fight Club!

Remarkable video footage from Spain earlier in the week shows a male grizzly bear attacking a female grizzly on a mountain cliff to get to the small cub on the rocks behind her.

These bears are taking the "kill" and "cliff" in Kill Cliff a little too literally!

The locked massive bears go at it like MMA fighters on the floor—fighters who happen to be allowed to bite with gnarly three-inch teeth. The struggle seems even at first—the judges gave the first round to the larger male—until mama bear works to the edge and seemingly pulls the big dude over the side of the cliff with her.

Both bears plunge to the bottom of the Serra da Palentina mountain and hit the rocks HARD. The male rolls, and rolls, and rolls, banging his head on the rocks until he comes to a stop and lays motionless on his side.

The female is seen getting to her feet and shaking it off. She's understandably dazed.

Spanish park rangers say they found the mother and her cub in their den safe and sound a few days later.

The male, which was trying to kill the cub so the mother would come into heat again (come on, bro! really?), died for his efforts.

See the video at Reuters.