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How Energy Drinks Nearly Killed A Woman

A 62-year-old woman with cancer took a turn for the worse while in hospice care due to her excessive intake of toxic energy drinks (according to this case)

While the doctors originally thought her decline was due to her cancer, they learned that her decline was due to her drinking five to six energy drinks a day. 

After four months of hospice care, the woman was struggling with vomiting, nausea, confusion, and lack of energy. Her nausea and delirium were treated, but her health continued to suffer. 

Then, her energy drink addiction was outed. 

Her addiction to toxic energy drinks caused an acute kidney and an inflamed liver. This was a rare case in which the energy drinks caused damage to both of these organs at once. 

She was immediately given the care she needs to battle the symptoms that plagued her due to her excessive energy drink intake. By day 10 of treatment, the impacted organs were back to baseline status. 

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