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How To Cure A Hangover

If you're reading this, it's likely you've been there. A great night leads to a terrible morning and boy are you hurtin'. One drink led to many more which has led to you laying in bed scouring the web in search for answers as to how to get back to your normal self. Allow me to help you resurrect yourself by following the tips below.

What exactly is a hangover?

Surprisingly, there isn't a whole known about what exactly causes hangovers. There are theories that suggest that alcohol interrupts your biological rhythms while other theories suggest that alcohol withdraw is the reason for the awful feelings.

However, there is research that suggests that the alcohol distilling process produces impurities that can cause nausea. The research also implies that the sweeter your drink is, the higher level of impurities in your drink. Red wine and Malt liquor are a good example of these types of drinks.

Do you have a headache? Dehydration is the cause of that. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it increases the amount you pee. The headache is a reaction to your body adjusting to your blood alcohol levels dropping since you've stopped drinking.

How can you prevent a hangover?

Well, the only way to truly prevent a hangover is not drinking at all, but, we have some tips that might lessen your hangover before it even starts.

You should avoid alcoholic drinks that are high in congeners. Congeners are produced when sugar-fermenting yeasts produce ethanol. These congeners are toxic chemicals that contain methanol, isopentanol, and acetone. Studies suggest that these toxic chemicals are strongly associated with hangover symptoms. Drinks such as whiskey, cognac, and tequila are high in congeners.

As I mentioned earlier, headaches during a hangover are more than likely caused by dehydration, so it's important to stay hydrated during your night out. You could drink water in between drinks, but why do that when you help prevent your hangovers while you drink alcohol? You can enjoy a Kill Cliff Blood Orange RECOVER and vodka, which is a tasty citrus mixture of b-vitamins, electrolytes, and vodka.

Loading up on grease before you leave is can also be helpful. Some people down a tablespoon of olive oil before starting their night while others choose to eat fatty foods like a pizza, as grease is known to coat the intestines, making the alcohol take longer to absorb.

How do you cure a hangover fast? What vitamin helps a hangover?

Just as you should hydrate while you drink, you need to hydrate after drinking as well. Again, you can always drink water, but you can also grab an ice cold KIll Cliff RECOVER that will help you get back to full speed. Many people use Gatorade or Powerade as a go-to as a hangover remedy, but why pump yourself full of sugar or artificial sweeteners when there are better options out there?

You have likely heard it before and probably think it's a joke, but continuing to drink alcohol might actually be helpful to you. As I mentioned earlier, it is believed that hangover sickness may come as a result of alcohol withdraw, so drinking more the next morning may ease the withdraw. However, doctors have advised against this theory because it does not allow your body to recover.

Two of the more obvious tips are sleep and medicine. If you still feel horrible after a night of drinking, sleep it off. Lack of sleep doesn't cause hangovers, but it certainly doesn't help. Reach into that medicine and grab pain-relieving medications such as Tylenol or Advil. These aren't certainties to hangover relief, but they can help ease the pain.

Vitamins can also be a helpful hangover hack, specifically B vitamins. B vitamins such as B1. B2, B6, and B12 can be very helpful for recovery. Lucky for you, Kill Cliff RECOVER and IGNITE are filled with B vitamins. IGNITE is Kill Cliff's naturally caffeinated and sweetened energy drink that can help you get going if you need a kick of energy in the morning after a hangover (150 mg of caffeine).

What should I eat to cure a hangover? Is greasy food good for hangovers?

Many of us crave greasy, fried foods when we're hungover and some even say the grease is good for your stomach after a night of drinking. We want the comfort of a Waffle House All-Star special or a McDonald's hamburger, but is a greasy meal really the best option for us?

Despite what many say. grease won't absorb the alcohol in your body the next morning because it's likely already absorbed. Also, if your hangover has your stomach feeling queasy, greasy food will only make it worse.

Ideally, you should eat foods that contain electrolytes such as bananas, watermelon, pickles, and avocados. There is limited research that suggests that foods high in fructose, such as honey, may help rid your body of alcohol quickly.