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Here’s How to Make a Kill Cliff Tasty Blood Orange Paloma

We talk a lot about how the Kill Cliff line of the best-tasting, clean energy, recovery, and CBD beverages are excellent mixers with your favorite spirits. While it’s true, we’ve also discovered that some of our fans need guidance when it comes to the sweet science of mixology.

We asked professional bartender/singer-songwriter Sam Haas (go listen to her new single, we’ll wait) to concoct a few recipes for us using Kill Cliff drinks as the foundation. “I appreciate a quick and simple cocktail that tastes good, not too strong,” she says. “These recipes are easy, with limited ingredients, and will give you the buzz and energy you need to get through your weekend shenanigans.” She knows us so well.

Here’s her first offering, using the popular Energize x Recover drink, the naturally flavored Tasty Blood Orange.

“The thing with the Tasty Blood Orange is you don’t want to complicate or diminish the top- and deep-taste notes of orange, which I enjoy a lot,” she says. “The beverage isn’t too sweet, which I personally love. It’s so unlike mixing with a soft drink or a box of juice.”

For Tasty Blood Orange, Haas creates what we’re calling a Kill Cliff Tasty Blood Orange Paloma, based on the classic Mexican cocktail.

Fill a tall shaker with ice.

  • Add 2 ounces of your favorite tequila—Haas recommends a clear blanco tequila as “it has the most neutral flavor.”
  • Add ½ tablespoon of fresh lime juice or a long squeeze from the lime-shaped thingie in your fridge.
  • Shake to mix and pour into a classy see-through glass.
  • Add 6 ounces (half a can) of Kill Cliff Tasty Blood Orange.
  • Top off with a good glug of Topo Chico Mineral Water.

Before you gulp that down, take a look at your creation. Look at those colors! See how everything sits atop the other ingredients. You did that! Now drink it.

Next up, Berry Legit Lemonade.